About Assessio

Assessio believes in a fairer labor market. Our unique testing tools are used to unleash the potential in organizations and employees.


Assessio exists because we humans are bad at making objective decisions – we can be our own worst enemy in recruitment processes. Today we know from research that you have the greatest chance of getting a job if you have no children, look healthy and are tall. We want to change that.

Assessio is the Nordic region’s leading consulting company specialized in strategic HR with digital solutions for recruitment and development. Through tests and tools, we provide our customers with data-driven insights about both current and potential employees. Our tools anticipate job performance, identify potential and match organizations with the right candidates based on values and job roles.

Assessio’s offering is based on our digital platform Ascend, our consulting services and our training. Among other things, Ascend helps our customers recruit more without bias, build and develop effective teams, coach leaders and define the organizational culture. All so that everyone will have the same chance and no talent will be wasted.

Success thought data driven psychology.

Our story begins in 1954 when the Swedish Psychological Association established a combined publishing and research and development institutes. The purpose was to offer practicing psychologists in working life, clinic and school, a tool and methods to better assess individuals’ conditions.

The work focused on adapting tools to the Swedish market through own innovation and development. There methodology was – and still is today – the scientific approach and passion for how objective insights about differences in personality, capacity and function could be used to better help and understand people and organizations.

The transformation into a consulting company began when Hunter Mabon Sr., professor at Stockholm University, with a focus on the connection between human capital and finance – acquired the business. Hunter Mabon, considered a leader in Swedish sample research, tore down the walls around the use of work psychology tools, which were previously reserved for the psychologist corps and made them available to HR, consultants and businesses and thus changed the landscape for how test tools were used in working life. to support activities around test solutions, structures, processes and raise the work psychological competence, a consulting business was established. It was soon broadened to meet related needs in strategic organizational development in the HR area.