By using tests you have a 9 times greater chance of recruiting a high-performing employee.


Become 100% open-minded by using data-driven tests.


Employees who work for a toxic manager are 73% more likely to resign within a year.

What is MAP-X?

The core is an HR strategy that answers the question: What does it take to succeed, and what are we looking for with our employees and managers? Without a framework that is concrete, behavior-based and well-founded, we get stuck in vague and inadequate descriptions that often mean different things to different decision makers – and not least – different values

What can MAP-X be used for?

MAP-X provides you with an objective decision basis that can help you choose between candidates in a recruitment process, identify toxic leadership behaviors, assemble high-performing teams, and provide insights on an individual’s challenges.

What does MAP-X measure?

MAP-X measures extreme aspects of an individual’s personality. The result can help you predict a person’s risk behaviors.

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MAP-X is based on the very latest research in risk behavior, with a clear requirement for the link between the test result and its impact in the professional world. The test was developed by Assessio together with a world-leading American team of psychometrists led by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Professor of Business Psychology at University College London as well as Columbia University and Bachelor of Science. CEO of Hogan. See Tomas Ted Talk above.

This is what our customers think



“I believe in science more than gut feeling and have worked with Assessio’s testing tools for almost twenty years. It feels very outdated to work in any other way. “

HR partner at Länsförsäkringar Älvsborg | Roger Rönnerhag
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“From a short-term perspective, we have saved lots of time. From a long-term perspective, we can see that the quality of our employment has increased. If you hire the right person, the staff will come back and it will bring many synergies. ”

operations team manager at STS | Lisa Augustsson Hübner
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“Objectivity gets bigger when you use tests instead of gut feeling. In addition, it saves time and increases accuracy. The tests help us pick out the candidates that have the highest potential and best fit our organization. “

talent acquisition partner på BillerudKorsnäs, och årets HR-medarbetare 2019 | Fabian Åhlin
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Discover the Ascend platform

MAP-X is part of Ascend, a platform that offers scientifically validated tools and tests for selection and development. With the help of Ascend, you can create efficient, unbiased and accurate HR processes. Read more about Ascend here or read more about our tests in the tool below:


A digital platform packed with all the testing tools you need to take your selection and development work to the next level. In a unified environment you will find all relevant tools, processes and functions – whether your needs are screening, in-depth personal assessments of leadership potential or to gather the organization around a competency framework.

MAP measures personality as the person usually is and MAP-X measures personality’s extreme aspects, such as risk behaviors that appear under stress, pressure and fatigue.

No, with a simple push of a button you can convert a previous MAP result to a MAP-X result.

Yes, it is quite possible (see previous question).

Impulsive-Rigid, Intensive-Insensitive, Conformist-Eccentric, Withdrawn-Uninhibited, Insensitive-Hypersensitive.

There will be two feedbacks (made consecutively) since MAP and MAP-X provide two different reports.

Assessio strongly recommends that everyone who handles MAP-X also attend the training. You have a great ethical responsibility for all the candidates you meet and judge. Assessio feels the same responsibility for everyone who comes into contact with our tools. In order for you to make informed decisions about people’s future, it is also important that you understand how to interpret the results and what conclusions you can draw from MAP-X. You need an understanding of what the test measures, what you can communicate to a candidate and what decisions you can make based on the test result.

If MAP-X is not handled properly, it will not be a useful and successful service either. In the future, MAP-X will always be part of the basic certification training. For already certified, the training in MAP-X becomes a supplement.

Yes, it is included.

MAP-X is a tool and is extracted through data from the MAP test.

Do you want to know more?

Do you want to know more? Contact our consulting manager Emma Engebretzen on 08-775 09 70 or email to sales@assessio.se

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