Your value


Assessios services are designed to help organizations to reach their full potential. Since each organization has its own challenges, goals and employees, our methods are adapted to tailor individual packages for each business.

Our consultants have advanced knowledge in HR and organizational psychology. Whether you need help developing your HR processes, identifying future leaders in your organization, building effective workgroups, or mapping your leaders’ capabilities, we will be a support throughout the journey.

We help you anticipate success

Assessio offers several different types of tests and tools in personality, aptitude, and culture. Our tools can be used independently but are often successfull combined for analyzing specific behaviors in individuals, examine group dynamics or compare the potential of candidates in several areas.


They created change

To get new results, you must do things you have never done before. Assessio has plenty of innovative customers that dare to take the next step and start recruiting in a new way, restructure their process and integrate a whole new tool in their organization. Then there are those who have taken the chance to a new career, and those tests have made it possible.